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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My First Entry!!

Hey Guys!! 

Thanks for visiting my blog!!! So, my best friend Tiffany has one already, and so i got the idea to start one of my own too!! I hope i can make mine come out as good as hers :-) Well, Let me start by telling you a little more about me! My Name is Samantha, I'm 25yrs old and I'm a Single Mother of 2 Beautiful {Yet, Crazy} Little boys, Alex who is 6yrs old, and Angel who is 4 yrs old :-) 

I Love Drawing & Painting, Crafting, Making ATCs {Artist Trading Cards}, Pen Palling, Traveling, New York City, Spanish Music, Going To The Movies, Shopping, Reality TV Shows, And Most Of All... Spending Time With My Babies :-) 

I'm Going To try to update this as often as possible. Adding new pictures of my crafts and blogging whatever i feel like blogging about!!! :-) If There is anything that you guys wanna see, let me know!!! I Really Hope that you enjoy my Blog, and please share it!!! Thanks So Much Loves!! ~Samantha~

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